Timeline of A New Project:


This entire process is no different than a Chef designing the menu, securing the proper ingredients, doing the many hours of prep work, and then preparing the final meal. Everything has to be done in a certain sequence so the end product is as described in the menu, and the presentation is as important as the final finished product.


  • Contemplating a new project: Sequence of events and time line: Start out with conceptual design for the desired upgrades, get conceptual drawings completed and on paper so a more accurate final design can be discussed and appropriate changes can be updated on the drawings leading to the final design
  • After final design is decided upon, then pricing can be discussed and discussion of required finishes and what price range of finishes the client is expecting.
  • After pricing is settled upon, then a Scope of Work needs to be created, and then a contract for the project. Once completed the permit process can be started to include completion of final drawings engineer review, sign and seal drawings, then submit to Building department for permitting.
  • The permit process as outlined can take from 3 to 6 weeks depending on availability of engineer for review and permit review time at the building department.
  • Once permit is issued, start of the project is almost always started within 2 weeks.


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